About our College

Newman College Ireland is a faithfully Catholic and academically excellent liberal arts college that introduces students to the life of the mind and prepares them for their vocations and careers in a way that gives precedence to the Catholic faith.

The motto “Puritas et Veritas” and our Coat of Arms explain this.

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“Nothing is more common than for men to think that because they are familiar with words they understand the ideas they stand for.”

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman

Our Short History

Newman College Ireland opened in Rome in September 2014 and came home to Ireland  in September of the following year, taking up residence in a temporary campus in the Drummond Hotel, Ballykelly, Co. Derry.  Since then, NCI has been educating a new generation of students and the college is now in its fourth year.  It will graduate its first students in May 2018. 

Our Long Tradition

In his encyclical, The Proposed Catholic University for Ireland, Optime Noscitis, (1854), Blessed Pope Pius IX expressed his deep concern at Ireland’s lack of a pathway to a spiritually well-formed and intellectually informed Catholic laity, as well as the fact that young Irish people could be lost to the faith at non-Catholic and secular Irish universities.  The Holy Father insisted that the Irish bishops proceed urgently with their decision to meet these needs through the setting up of a Catholic university.

Our Promising Future

In line with Newman’s Idea, we should look eventually to Faculties of Law, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Political Economy and Modern Languages…with up to date teaching and a tutorial system aiming to integrate the intellectual and spiritual development of the students. Newman regarded the Catholic Church in Ireland as historically crucial and strategically vital to the future civilisation of both East and West. In a well-known passage, he wrote of future students coming from across the Atlantic to Ireland as a meeting place between civilisations.