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Who’s Talking About Us?

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There is a second Famine in Ireland today. Not a Famine which starves the body, but a spiritual Famine which threatens the foundations of a society whose Christian roots reach back into late Roman times.

Kathy Sinnott and Nick Healy have a dream which they are sharing in Ireland and amongst the Irish Diaspora numbered in the tens of millions around the world. Their dream is to build Newman College Ireland to respond to this challenge in today’s Irish society and to defend the Faith at the highest intellectual levels.

-Regina Magazine
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“Speaking to The Irish Catholic this week, Kathy Sinnott the former MEP who has championed US-backed plans for what will be called Newman College Ireland said “the time is right” for the establishment of such an institution.” – Irish Catholic
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“The ethos and the idea behind the creation of the college really appealed to me,” wrote one first year student, Joseph Denniece.

“I really wanted the opportunity to be able to study at a Catholic university alongside other young committed Catholics, without having to travel to the USA. I also wanted to be part of this new college which will hopefully regenerate the faith in Ireland.” -Catholic Ireland
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“Speaking to she said the idea for the four year college, which will offer courses in theology, philosophy, history, literature, maths and natural science, was inspired by her son Kevin, who passed away five years ago. The 22-year-old drowned while trying to swim across a lake near his college. She said he had been through the Irish education system and “didn’t do so well”.
“He went to a liberal arts college in America, he got a good scholarship and I wanted him to absolutely blossom. He discovered talents there he didn’t know he had.”  – The
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We have made significant progress towards this end [founding the college] but have still some big hurdles to jump or rather be lifted over by Our Mother Mary. To this end we have promised Her 3.5 million Memorares. … the main thing is to pray for the college to open and play its crucial part in the renewal of the faith in Ireland. – See more at: