Our Promising Future

Our Promising Future (continued)

…Newman College is a testament to Providence, the sustaining power of God, in this case working through the most unlikely people and improbable circumstances.  The college has been quietly developing and is now ready to grow and take its place in the service of the Church in Ireland and beyond. 

The progress of the student body in study, prayer and apostolic purpose has impressed those who have been privileged to teach and spend time with them and visiting lecturers have likewise commented on the enthusiasm and mutual helpfulness they have seen among the students.

Kathy Sinnott’s inspiration to launch a Catholic teaching institution in Ireland according to the mind of John Henry Newman, and the norms of Ex Corde Ecclesiae, has taken root in the minds, hearts and souls of its enthusiastic pioneer group of young Catholics who have benefitted from the friendship and encouragement of experienced pastors.  Mrs. Sinnott has been the sparkplug and cheerleader that rallied many Irish faculty and Board members to the cause.